Saturday, November 23, 2013

One week in

Sanderson-Clark House
Yes, It was one week ago today that I broke into the house. The lawyer said the keys would be in the box at his office and they weren't. His son forgot to drop them there. So I was determined to get in our new old house today. I took off a storm, broke a window and climbed in.

Reg, my sister, said I should start writing earlier, when we were just considering this mad venture. I could have written about the sleepless nights full of anxiety. But now I'm past that. The anxiety is not constant, It fluctuates with each new day.

This photo shows the old front, which is the new back. No the house wasn't rotated, the state moved the road. The maple trees in the right of the bottom photo are at the edge of the old road.

The Clark Family in 1870

Philo and Eunice Clark

The seller was so very kind to give us copies of old family photos and documents. Philo Clark purchased the house from Erastus Fay in 1878 for the sum of $150. The Clark-Sanderson family owned the property until 2013, 5 generations.

The main house was built to the standard required in Murrayfield (Chester) at that time, 25 x 18 feet. The house is actually two houses. The little house was moved from a short distance to its current location in 1933, doubling the size of the structure.

This portion of the road, Jacobs Ladder Trail, was known as "dead mans turn." The state moved the river and the road to try to eliminate further accidents. Thus the old front of the house became the back. The curvy old road is behind the house.

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